About Us

Klaus Zimmermann started the company in 1990 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Since that time Metronics has been dedicated to 

  • Manufacuturing linear encoders (for measurement of distances moved on machine tools such as lathes, milling and grinding machines, vertical and horizontal boring mills) and digital readouts (DROs), providing leading edge, affordable and highly accurate optical measurement systems designed by Klaus Zimmermann.
  • Repair of linear encoders and digital readouts of Metronics and other manufacturers DRO products to extend the life of the current investment in measurement equipment
  • Proficient installation of linear encoders and digital readouts. Installation methods are as important as the products themselves to prevent damage to the instruments in the workshop

Metronics is a respected brand name in South African industry and is the only locally designed and manufactured range of DRO systems.

Metronics service in South Africa

The major advantage of a locally manufactured DRO system is its off-the-shelf availability. When a scale or counter is faulty or has become damaged, it could mean substantial down time costs being incurred while waiting for imported parts to arrive.

The Metronics range of equipment can be supplied ex-stock. It also has been specifically designed to be interchangeable with most imported DRO products, should these products require replacement.

The Metronics service department has an in-depth knowledge of most DRO products, and stocks spares of most products available in South Africa.