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Digital Readouts

A Digital readout (DRO) is used to read the output of either of a linear or rotary encoders which is generated in either sine or square wave.

The latest generation counter display unit is contained in a splash-proof pressure die cast housing, providing resistance to hostile industrial environments.

Digital Readout specifications

User Keys
Measurement on up to four axis' Two or three axis capability plus an additional fourth axis scale which can be combined with any of the X, Y or Z-axes
Inch/ metric display Caters for work using both metric and inch
Halving Function This key is used to establish a center position
Feedrate indicator

The Feedrate Indicator measures in mm or inch per minute on all axes. This feature is useful on variable speed control drives

This feature needs to be enabled through the software switch before use.

Quick Zero Reset Keys (X, Y, Z) Setting the selected axis to zero in one keystroke
PCD function. (1 - 99 Holes) The Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) or bolt hole pattern function calculates the co-ordinates of 1 - 99 holes equally spaced around the center
Preset Facilities All three displays can be preset to any number required by the operator
100 Datum Points

A datum point is a memorised position on the machine tool. A user can move away from this point and then by selecting this datum point, move back to the memorised position.

100 datum points are available. The datum points can also be used as tool offsets.

Toggle between positions Enables moving between two points from zero to position X. Once at position X the toggle switch can be pressed and Position X becomes zero and the original zero position becomes position X.
Zero Output

Generates relay output n/o (Normally Open) or n/c (Normally Closed) when the display reaches zero.

An example of an application would be where the vertical (z) axis reaches zero on a spark eroder. The relay impulse retracts the ram of the spark eroder.

This feature needs to be enabled through the software switch before use.

Power Requirements
  • 220VAC, 30Watts
  • 110VAC, 30Watts
  • Optional Switch Mode power supply: 100 - 250VAC
  • Software switches
    Change of the counting direction Inversion of counting direction
    Radius / diameter conversion Radius/diameter conversion for lathes
    Customisation of graduation and resolution System can be set to any graduation and resolution that is commonly used in industry
    Zero output capability Using the software switch this feature can be enabled/disabled.
    Reference point evaluation

    Reference point evaluation every 25mm using a fixed refernce point on the scale.

    This feature is useful to re-establish the work-piece zero position after a power failure occurs

    Linear Error Correction Correction can be made from 0.001 - 10.000 mm on each individual axis (X, Y, Z and W)